Bed Bugs Pictures of Bites – Images of Welts and Bed Bugs Rash Pictures All Around The Body

Insect bites? Determine your perpetrators and get all-natural, safe and effective remedies to eliminate them.

Bed Bugs Identification:

  • Non-flying insects that live to feed on warm-blooded hosts
  • In the absence of other prey, they stick to feeding on human beings.
  • They get extremely attracted to carbon dioxide above warmth and certain chemicals.
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Where to Find for Bed Bugs:

  • It is common to find bed bugs in dark and isolated areas
  • Any place where they can conveniently hide to prepare for attack.
  • Ideal locations that provide great access to prey.
  • These areas include cracks on walls, crevices, furniture, and even mattresses.
Tip: The most familiar clues on learning infestation are the presence of bed bug wounds.

Do you believe bed bugs to be responsible with the bites? Check out the photos below for a quick guide.

Bed bug bites at the back

Bed bug bites on legs

Bed bug bites on belly

How do Bed Bugs Bite?

  • These pests prefer to attack at night when the victim is way fast asleep.
  • They suck two tubes on the skin in which one tube injects anticoagulants and anesthetics while the other one takes the blood.
  • The feeding is usually completed from 3-12 minutes
  • The victim often discovers the bites in the following day.

What are Symptoms of Bed Bugs Bites?

Normally, the welts only last for three days and eventually fade away. But if the victim has a relatively sensitive skin, the wounds may aggravate to rashes. The bites of these insects can be easily identified as they have a pattern. There is typically a line of 2-3 round bumps on specific portions of your skin.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Family?

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Bed Bugs Pictures of Bites

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